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A cappella, choir singing783.41+
A priori knowledge140 - 148
A vitamin, alternative medicine, gen.615.9
A vitamin, cooking691+
A vitamin, nutrient industry649.91
A vitamin, nutrition, gen.613.1
A vitamin, pharmaceutical industry648
A vitamin, use as medicine, gen.615.1
A(H1N1) virus617.5
A(H5N1) virus617.5
AA movement371.71
AAC methods, sign language899.9
AAC methods, speech handicaps, special teaching, gen.181.91
Aapa mires, animal ecology594
Aapa mires, biogeography, gen.574
Aapa mires, clearing, agriculture652
Aapa mires, ditching, forestry657
Aapa mires, ecology, gen.574
Aapa mires, geology492
Aapa mires, habitats, gen.574
Aapa mires, hydrology485
Aapa mires, nature conservation, gen.508.62
Aapa mires, nature reserves508.61
Aapa mires, peat digging649.1
Aapa mires, plant ecology584
Abandoned animals, animal protection590.96
Abandoned buildings, renovation668
Abandoned buildings, rural depopulation352.1
Abandoned farms, rural depopulation352.1
Abandoned houses, renovation, gen.668
Abandoned houses, rural depopulation352.1
Abandonment, animal protection590.86
Abandonment, child protection371.5
Abandonment, criminal law332.4
Abbesses, biographical reference books992.03 - 992.103
Abbesses, biographies and memoirs992+
Abbreviations , gen. (see also by field)853
ABC weapons, gen.393
ABC weapons, armament391
ABC weapons, disarmament, arms control, peace issue326.5
ABC weapons, security policy325+
ABC weapons, strategy, military use of the space392
ABC weapons, terrorism359
ABC weapons, weapons technology393
Abdomen, animal anatomy, gen.592
Abdomen, animal physiology, gen.593
Abdomen, general biology573
Abdomen, human anatomy and physiology617.3
Abdominal obesity613.1
Abduction, logic, gen.130
Abductions, crime359
Abductions, crime, history359.09
Abductions, criminal law332.4
Abductive reasoning, scientific methods, gen.151.2
Ability to write, ability to write, history001.09
Ability to write, writing001
Ability, disability security372.1
Ability, occupational medicine, gen.613.31
Ability, personal health care, gen.613.2
Ability, social policy of work371.1+
Ability, social services for the disabled, gen.373
Ability, social services for the elderly, gen.373
Ablative, cases, Finnish (see also by language)884.5
Ablative, cases, grammar, gen. (see also by language)855
Abnormality, human rights323+
Abnormality, psychiatry618+
Abnormality, social psychology, gen.128.3
Abnormality, special education181.9+
Abnormality, subcultures357.1
Aboriginals, Australia, architecture720.99
Aboriginals, Australia, art, gen.709.01
Aboriginals, Australia, ethnology476.8
Aboriginals, Australia, history, gen.989
Aboriginals, Australia, mythologies289.3
Aboriginals, Australia, painting740.901
Aboriginals, Australia, racial issues323.1
Aboriginals, Australia, racial issues, history323.109
Aboriginals, Australia, religions289.3
Aboriginals, Australia, sculpture730.901
Abortion, ethics of abortion617.8
Abortion, gynecology617.8
Abortion, legislation333.22
Abrasion resistance, gen.621
Abrasion tests, gen.620.15
ABS brakes, machines, gen.622.1
ABS brakes, motorcars624.8
ABS brakes, motorcycles624.7
ABS brakes, motors, gen.622.1
Abscesses, inflammation617.5
Absences, occupational medicine613.31
Absences, school181.7
Absences, workplaces, gen.674.5
Absentee voting, church, Evangelical Lutheran250
Absentee voting, church, other churches260 - 269
Absentee voting, EU elections326.2
Absentee voting, general, Finland327
Absentee voting, general, other countries328
Absentee voting, local, Finland345+
Absentee voting, local, other countries348
Absentee voting, organisation technique, gen.377
Absentee voting, political philosophy, gen.321
Absentee voting, trade union elections377.2
Absent-mindedness 126+
Absolute pitch, music education, gen.781.5
Absolute pitch, music psychology, gen.781.3
Absolute pitch, psychology of talent126+
Absolute pitch, teaching of extraordinarily talented children181.8
Absolute value, mathematics510 - 519
Absolution, Catholic Church262
Absolution, Eucharist, Evangelical Lutheran251
Absolution, Orthodox Church263
Absolutism, epistemology148
Absolutism, ethics, gen.162
Absorption, chemistry, gen.541
Absorption, digestion617.3
Absorption, nutritional physiology, gen.613.1
Absorption, optics536
Absorption, pharmacology, gen.615.1
Absorption, physics, gen.533
Absorptive disorders617.3
Abstract algebra513
Abstract art, aesthetics of art, gen.701
Abstract art, history of art, gen. (see also by art form and country)709.6
Abstract art, new art forms710
Abstract art, painting (see also by country)740.907
Abstract art, sculpture (see also by country)730.907
Abstract expressionism, painting (see also by country)740.907
Abstract publications010.5 - 016
Abstract publications010.5 - 016
Abstraction of water, cell metabolism, gen.573
Abstraction of water, plant physiology583
Abstraction of water, water supply and sewerage 625.4
Abstracts, abstract publications010 - 016
Abstracts, thesis writing, gen. (see also by field)151.2
Absurdism, history of literature , gen. (see also by language)809+
Absurdism, philosophy of literature, gen.801
Absurdism, philosophy of the theatre, gen.770.1
Absurdism, theatre history, gen.770.9+
Absurdity, history of literature, gen. (see also by language)809+
Absurdity, philosophy of literature, gen.801
Absurdity, philosophy of the theatre, gen.770.1
Absurdity, theatre history, gen.770.9+
Abuse of alcoholic beverages, alcohol legislation332.2
Abuse of alcoholic beverages, medicine618.3
Abuse of alcoholic beverages, social policy371.71
Abuse of medicines, medicine618.3
Abuse of medicines, social work371.72
Abuse of other people, child protection371.5
Abuse of other people, circumstances at work371.11
Abuse of other people, crime, criminology359
Abuse of other people, domestic violence, incest371.5
Abuse of other people, occupational safety and health371.12
Abuse, alcohol, medicine618.3
Abuse, alcohol, social sector371.71
Abuse, crime359
Abuse, drugs, medicine618.3
Abuse, drugs, social sector371.72
Abuse, intoxicants, medicine618.3
Abuse, intoxicants, social sector371.7+
Abuse, medical substances, medicine618.3
Abuse, medical substances, social sector371.72
Abuses, folklorism, gen. (see also by language)807
Abuses, folklorism, Finnish language812
Abuses, linguistics, gen. (see also by language)850
Abuses, linguistics, Finnish language884+
Abyssinia, geography, travels437
Abyssinia, history, gen.985.2
AC electricity, electrical engineering, gen.627+
AC electricity, electricity537
Academic art schools, gen. (see also by art form and by country) 707
Academic buildings, architecture726.5
Academic buildings, construction engineering667+
Academic communities, gen. (see also by field)152
Academic degrees, gen.184+
Academic disciplines, gen. (see also by field)150 - 159
Academic education, gen.184+
Academic journals, gen. (see also by field)050 - 058
Academic libraries, gen.028+
Academic libraries, general scientific libraries, gen.028+
Academic libraries, special libraries, gen.027+
Academic societies, gen. (see also by field)061 - 063
Academic studies, gen.184+
Academic writing, gen. (see also by field)151.2
Academic year, adult education institutes, gen.185+
Academic year, institutions of higher education, gen.184+
Academic year, universities, gen.184+
Academic year, vocational institutions, gen.183.6+
Academicians, biographical reference books990.03 - 997.103
Academicians, biographies and memoirs990 - 997+
Academies, gen. (see also by field)061 - 063
Academies of sciences, gen. (see also by field)061 - 063
Academies, universities and institutions of higher education, gen.184+
Academy of Finland, gen.061
Acceleration, motorcars624.8
Acceleration, physics533

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783.41 A cappella choirs

YKL : 78.341

Index word references

A cappella, choir singing 783.41+
Choirs, a cappella 783.41+
Choral music, a cappella 783.41+
Chamber choirs 783.4+
Choir festivals 783.4+
Choirs 783.4+
Choral music 783.4+
Choral singing, choirs 783.4+
Choral singing, choral music 783.4+
Church choirs 783.4+
Community singing, choral song 783.4+
Song, choral song 783.4+
Songs, choral songs 783.4+
Vigils, choral music 783.4+
Accompaniments, vocal music 783+
Alto 783+
Arrangements, vocal music 783+
Arrangers, vocal music 783+
Art music, vocal music 783+
Artist biographies, singers 783+
Artists, singers 783+
Bel canto, vocal music 783+
Berceuses, vocal music 783+
Castrati, biographies and memoirs 783+
Classical music, vocal music 783+
Composition manuscripts, vocal music 783+
Elegies, vocal music 783+
Exercises, music, singing guides 783+
Funeral music, vocal music 783+
History of music, vocal music 783+
Lamentation 783+
Libellous songs, vocal music gen. 783+
Lullabies, solo song 783+
Madrigals 783+
Magnificats 783+
Music competitions, song contests 783+
Music manuscripts, vocal music 783+
Old music, vocal music 783+
Pastorals, vocal music 783+
Patriotic music, vocal music gen. 783+
Performers, singers, clasicalmusic 783+
Performing artists, singers, classical music 783+
Piano scores, vocal music 783+
Potpourris, vocal music 783+
Programme music, vocal music gen. 783+
Recitation, speech song 783+
Recitative 783+
Romances, vocal music 783+
Salon music, vocal music 783+
Serenades, vocal music 783+
Serious music, vocal music 783+
Sign language songs, vocal music 783+
Singers, classical music 783+
Singer-songwriters, biographies and memoirs, vocal music 783+
Singer-songwriters, classical music 783+
Sleigh-ride songs, vocal music 783+
Soloists, vocal music 783+
Solos, vocal music 783+
Song contests, classical music 783+
Song festivals, vocal music 783+
Songs 783+
Soprano 783+
Sound physiology, singing 783+
Sounds, voices 783+
Suites, vocal music 783+
Tenor 783+
Vespers, vocal music 783+
Whistling, vocal music gen. 783+
Virtuosos, singers 783+
Vocal music, classical music 783+
Vocalists, classical music 783+
Voices 783+
Concert music 783 - 786+
Historical recordings, musical genres 783 - 786+
Metamusic, classical music 783 - 786+
Miniature scores 783 - 786+
Scores 783 - 786+
CD audio discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
CD discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
Collections of music notes 783 - 788+
Compact discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
Discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
Encore pieces, music 783 - 788+
Hausmusik 783 - 788+
Home music 783 - 788+
Laser discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
Music as a hobby 783 - 788+
Music collections 783 - 788+
Music for physical training, music 783 - 788+
Music material 783 - 788+
Music notes, note publications 783 - 788+
Music performances, music recordings 783 - 788+
Music publications 783 - 788+
Music videos, music recordings 783 - 788+
SACD discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
Super audio compact discs, music recordings 783 - 788+
Utility music 783 - 788+
Audio recordings, music recordings 783 - 789+
Audio records, music recordings 783 - 789+
Audio tapes, music recordings 783 - 789+

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